Our Philosophy

What We Do

Our Methodology

The design process begins with an initial no-cost meeting between designer and client, in which the requirements, vision, and budget for the project are discussed. Since each client is unique, collaboration between designer and client is a key element for success. Working closely with the client throughout the entire course of the project results in the strongest design and a satisfied client.

The dominant tenet of our design philosophy is the concept of genius loci – Latin for “spirit of the place.” In other words, the features, character and architecture of the site and of its surroundings will inform the design. Topography, plant material, views and other prominent conditions all impact the result, as do the more subtle conditions of light, sound, scent, color and texture. The new design should harmonize with these elements, and serve to heighten the special sense of place.

  • Provide a full spectrum of top-quality professional landscape design services for residential, commercial and multi-family properties

  • Seek to increase awareness of the value of design, and instill in the client an appreciation for exceptional design

  • Provide the highest level of distinctive and intelligent design created through a rigorous and thoughtful process

  • Work in a wide range of garden styles including contemporary, California Native, xeri-scape, Mediterranean, or traditional, while always seeking to maintain environmental and ecological sustainability